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About Defined

The future of education is project based learning. Defined puts the power of education and decision-making directly into the student’s hands, as they explore practical lesson application through real-world scenarios.

Used by thousands of teachers across America, Defined Learning provides a way for educators to easily incorporate interdisciplinary hands-on projects into existing curriculums and lessons.

Where We Thrive

We work with students, teachers, and administrators to expand educational opportunities through project based learning. Defined Learning is a transformative K-12 edtech company, combining technology, creativity, and curriculum expertise to prepare students for college and beyond.


Defined solutions support teachers through project based lessons that align with existing curriculum. Students adventure beyond the constraints of theoretical learning and explore lessons that are relevant, collaborative, and thought-provoking. When learning is hands-on and self-reliant, students build the confidence they need to take their knowledge into the real world.


Project based learning is the great student equalizer. When students are presented with real-world problems to solve, they have the opportunity to use creativity, ingenuity, and grit to find their own solutions. Every student has an area in which they will excel, and project-based learning engages them in practical knowledge application while they discover their niche.


Every student deserves to have their learning style supported by an engaging curriculum, and all teachers can benefit from easily accessible lesson plans and resources to prepare their students for life after K-12. With three programs uniquely designed for students, teachers, and administrators, Defined brings personalized projects to all ages and skill levels.

Company History

Since 2009, Defined has worked to design enriching, engaging, project-based lessons for students and teachers. Our goal has always been to think outside the box when it comes to student engagement and application of knowledge, by bringing real-world experiences into the classroom.

Our ongoing project based learning research supports our passionate belief educators benefit, and students flourish, when education standards, skills, and career-oriented curriculums are aligned for students of all ages.

After partnering in 2014 with Jay McTighe, co-author of Understanding by Design, we’ve delved even deeper into a holistic approach to education. As of 2019, over 1 million students completed Defined Learning projects, while tens of thousands of educators witnessed firsthand the transformative effects of project based learning.

With the onset of the pandemic, accessible education became more critical than ever before. That’s why we partnered with the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network and the Connecticut Department of Education to provide PBL curriculum to students free of charge. As educators adapt to a changing world, we work with them to make that change seamless.




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Project based learning is already changing the minds and lives of students and teachers all around the country. With over a decade of experience and results, Defined is ready to help you inspire your classroom.

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