What Are Deliverables?

Deliverables is a term in project management that refers to measurable (but not necessarily tangible) outputs that must be delivered (provided) at the completion of a project or task. They are used to mark the achievement of major milestones throughout a project and signify progress toward the project’s end goals.

Deliverables are often devised in the planning stage of a project by managers and other involved team members, along with the inputs required to complete them. Explicit deliverables keep everyone within the project on the same page and working towards the same goals. Breaking up a project into deliverables is important to ensure that every aspect is fully completed.

Types of Deliverables

Deliverables are often split into two main categories:

Internal Deliverables are vital parts of the project that are completed behind the scenes and are never seen by the final customer. Examples may include plans, status reports, budgets, and design drafts.

External Deliverables: External deliverables are final outputs sent to clients, customers, stakeholders, or users. For a software development project, a feature of the final software application would be an external deliverable. In a user interface project, the design of the page of the finished website like the one below would be an external deliverable.

Examples of Deliverables

To understand deliverables better, let’s look at some examples across different industries:

  • Construction Project: For a home building project, internal deliverables may include architectural plans, construction schedules, permits, and inspection reports. A final external deliverable could be a completed room in the home.
  • IT Project: If a company is implementing a new CRM system, internal deliverables could involve a document with the software’s requirements, system design, and user acceptance testing. An external deliverable could be an insights feature of the finished CRM system ready to be used by the end user.
  • Marketing Campaign: For a social media marketing campaign, internal deliverables may consist of a strategy document, creative briefs, and regular status reports. External deliverables would include the final marketing efforts like ads, blogs,