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Mohit Oberoi is a freelance ecommerce, business, and finance writer for based in India. He has over 15 years of experience in writing about business, ecommerce, and financial markets, learning and improving with every article he writes.

Mohit has been writing extensively on global markets for the last eight years and has written over 8,000 articles. Mohit has completed his MBA with finance as a major from ICFAI University India. He also holds a CFA charter and cleared all three levels in the first attempt only.

Besides Business2Community, Mohit’s work has been published in leading online publications including MarketRealistEconomywatchLearnBonds, and Buy Shares. He covers business, marketing, finance, and macroeconomic topics. He also loves writing on personal finance and topics related to valuation.

Mohit also has experience in managing multi-asset portfolios for HNI clients. He is a news junkie and loves tracking global political and economic developments.

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How to Create and Design a Perfect LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn is extraordinarily popular among professionals and is among the top 10 choices for advertisers, but few know how…

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B2B Marketing
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