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Defined Academy

Professional Learning to Build Foundational Knowledge & Skills

At Defined, we know the significance and importance of foundational learning. With partners’ needs in mind, we have created foundational professional learning courses and experiences that will prepare your team to incorporate Defined Learning, Defined Careers, and PBL with confidence.

Defined Learning Launchpad 

Professional Learning -1

At Defined, we understand the significance of establishing and sustaining a culture of real-world learning for ALL students and that educators and instructional leaders must have a common understanding and a clear path forward. For these reasons, we created Defined Learning Launchpad, a professional learning experience for lead educators and instructional leaders tasked with championing the work of learner success through real-world application with Defined Learning.

Format: Synchronous. 1-Day or 2-Day Workshop;  Coaching Support Option

Participants: Instructional Leaders and Lead Educators. Ideal for partners that want to ensure a successful implementation led by Instructional Leaders and Lead Educators who champion the work with clarity, intention, and a plan.

Rate: 1-Day Workshop- $5,000; 2-Day Workshop- $7,500; Coaching Support- $5,000

Online Course with Jay McTighe 

jaypluspage@2x Begin your journey of learning about creating authentic learning experiences with this four-module course written by renowned educator and award-winning author of the Understanding By Design series, Jay McTighe.  As participants progress through the modules, they will identify and customize a performance task and associated resources for their classroom use. The online modules will reinforce practical applications of the performance tasks and PBL to engage students and encourage the application of knowledge. A planning guide will accompany the modules to help plan for either face-to-face or remote classroom implementation.

Format: Asynchronous. 4 self-paced modules, 45 minutes per module

Participants: Ideal for those new to PBL and Defined Learning

Rate: $995/site

Essentials: Defined Learning subscription required

Defined Training:  Overview of Defined Learning

This professional learning experience hosted either virtually or in person, is designed to introduce participants to the purpose, design, and implementation of Defined Learning in the classroom.

Description Option 1: Virtual Session (2 hours)

This professional learning experience is designed to introduce participants to the purpose, design, and implementation of Defined Learning in the classroom. This experience will be conducted synchronously, through a virtual experience. The virtual session will begin with an introduction to Defined Learning and the connections with authentic, Project Based Learning (PBL) for teachers and students.

The facilitator will actively engage participants in an overview of the platform. Each participant will select a performance task that aligns with student learning goals for their classroom. Participants will learn how to customize all aspects of this performance task and associated learning resources with guidance from the facilitator. Opportunities for formative and summative assessments will be shared. Once completed, the personalized task can then be assigned to their students through Defined Learning.

Description Option 2: In-Person Session (up to 5 hours)

Participants will reflect upon their own learning and consider attributes that made learning relevant and purposeful in their own lives. Connections will be made to authentic learning and the mission and vision of the school. Participants will be introduced to the process and benefits of Defined Learning in the classroom related to student engagement, academic content, career awareness and future ready skills.

Format: Synchronous. Virtual and in-person options:

Option 1: Up to 50 Virtual Educators

Option 2: Up to 25 In-Person Educators

Participants: Ideal for those new to PBL and Defined Learning

Option 1: Up to 50 Virtual Educators

Option 2: Up to 25 In-Person Educators


Option 1: $1,500 per Virtual Session

Option 2: $4,500 per In-Person Session

Essentials: Defined Learning subscription required

Defined Training:  Overview of Defined Careers

In this introductory session, participants will learn the basics of Defined Careers including a walk-through of student and educator functionality, the default and foundational assessments and courses, as well as applications for authentic learning, reporting, and more. Based on school goals, an additional activit(y/ies) can be included to meet the needs of educators.

Format: Synchronous. Virtual and in-person options:  

Option 1: Virtual Session, 2 hours

Option 2: In-Person Session, up to 3 hours

Participants: Ideal for those new to Defined Careers 

Option 1: Up to 50 Virtual Educators

Option 2: Up to 25 In-Person Educators


Option 1: $1,500/Virtual Session

Option 2: $4,500/In-Person Session

Essentials: Defined Learning subscription required

Defined Leaders Cohort

The Defined Leaders Cohort is designed to support a professional learning community of educators focused on the work of authentic, career-connected, project based teaching and learning. The learning cohort will work through planning, implementing, and reflecting on the use of Defined resources.  Cohorts will participate in three meetings with a Defined Mentor and will have earned 3 micro-credentials upon submission completion.

*For information on a 2-Day Workshop option, inquire with your Defined Partnerships Manager.

**Consider adding Virtual Coaching and Instructional Support for Cohort Participants. 

Format: Synchronous. 8-10 weeks (flexible)

Participants: Up to 12 Educators (per Virtual Cohort). Ideal for developing a team/cohort/professional learning community's capacity to utilize Defined resources.

Rate$5,995 (includes Online Course with Jay McTighe for use with Defined Learning)

Essentials: Defined resource(s) subscription required. Online Course with Jay Mctighe is used if this Cohort is focused on Defined Learning and must be purchased. 

Expected Outcomes:

Educators participating in this experience will:

  • develop, implement, and evaluate strategies connecting project based learning and Defined resources;

  • engage through an opportunity to participate in “conscious practice”;

  • reflect upon teaching practices and student learning;

  • earn three micro-credentials upon completion and work submissions:

    1. Using GRASP to Frame a Task

    2. Infusing (5Cs, 21st C, Workplace, SEL) Skills

    3. Aligning to Standards

Defined Coaching & Instructional Support

Defined coaching and instructional support is intended to provide additional personalized professional learning for educators who have completed any of the Defined Workshops or Cohort models of Defined professional learning (PBL, HQPBL, SEL).  Scheduled collaboratively, these virtual coaching/instructional support sessions, co-developed by the participants, are focused on instructional practices associated with successful teaching and learning with Defined Learning and High Quality PBL.  

Format: Synchronous.10-hr bundle (30 and 60 minute virtual sessions)

Participants: Up to 3 Educators (per Virtual Coaching Session).Ideal for providing a personalized level of support for  a team/cohort/professional learning community's capacity to utilize Defined Learning.


Essentials: Defined Learning subscription is required. Educators must have participated previously in a Defined professional learning session to receive coaching & instructional support. 

Defined Events

At Defined, we are happy to support existing and future partners outside of the customary professional learning offerings. If you are interested in a Defined Event, connect with your Defined Partnership Manager to learn more. 

Defined Keynote: This Defined Event supports districts, conferences, or community groups in need of a keynote presentation that aligns to the scope of Defined and the Defined product offerings including High Quality PBL, STEM/STEAM, Authentic Learning, Applied Learning, College & Career Readiness and more.

Format: Synchronous. TBD- up to 90 minutes (if a workshop follows, up to 3 hours)

Participants: Districts, Community, Conference


Essentials: Prior to committing to a Defined Keynote, confirmation of the intent, needs, date, time, and scope of the Keynote will be discussed with the district representative and presenter.]

Defined PBL Champ Camp

Defined, LLC. is excited to host you and your colleagues at PBL Champ Camp for a fun-filled week of “Adult Camp”!  Participants will experience the why, what, and how of Deep Learning by diving into PBL with Defined Learning. Join your peers, colleagues, and new friends as you:

  • Experience the joys of hands-on inquiry;

  • Apply authentic PBL experiences to literacy, math, science, social studies, technology, and more;

  • Incorporate the 5 C’s as a best practice in teaching;

  • Engage in problem-solving with the Arts;

  • Create, dream, and internalize new opportunities for your students, staff, and community as a leader of PBL;

  • Have fun exploring the 500-acre horse ranch, swimming & kayaking, participating in archery, hiking the trails, or going horseback riding!

To register for the Summer PBL Champ Camp or learn more, click HERE!

You can also bring PBL Champ Camp to your District!  Learn more HERE!

Format: Synchronous. Summer PBL Champ Camp (6-days); Dates: TBD; Location: Luther Ranch, Tallapoosa, GA,

Participants: Teachers, STEM Coaches, Academic Facilitators, STEM Directors

Rate: $1,495 (Single Occupant); $1,295 (Double Occupant- Per Person)

Essentials: Participants should have access to Defined Learning.

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The Learning Never Ends

Despite what your students may think, teachers don’t know everything. The key to inspire deeper learning is to pass on the skills of hands-on self-education. When instructor skills and understanding grow, student skills and understanding grow as well. The connections are clear. Supporting educators is vital to a healthy learning environment.